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This agency is for busty escorts and the men that love them. We provide large breasted ladies for companionship in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and many cities Nationwide. Many agencies have just a few ladies here and there that are truly busty enough to catch your attention. This is the first site completely dedicated to bringing you the most Busty Companions available in the U.S. today!

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Donations are cash or credit card; payment is made at the beginning of the appointment, preferably in an envelope. If paying by credit card we must have your credit card number and billing address as well as the expiration date before the appointment starts. You must bring the c.c. With you to the appt.

* Rates are non-negotiable
* Multiple hour discounts are available depending on the companion chosen.

If you are interested in booking for overnight sessions, please contact our office for further details.

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If you are in the business now or are considering working, have the bustline that drives gentlemen crazy, and are over 18 years of age.

Our group of Busty Companions have not only been selected because they possess incredible bustlines, but also because they are excellent companions in every sense of the word. Please click on an image for more information, pricing and booking details. We do personally interview each of our girls and can guarantee that what you see is what you get. We encourage our clients to review our girls and give us feedback on how they are doing. We cannot correct a problem if we are not aware of it. In addition, many times the girls only here the negative feedback and rarely hear anything positive. If you had an enjoyable time, we certainly would like to hear about that also!

Why men fall for large breasts

It is a fact that no man can resist to the charm of breasts, which conveniently turn out to be the greatest erogenous zones of female body. Dazzling escorts are aware of the power of this symbol of femininity. Therefore, they know how to make them look great at any time through provocative and yet elegant dresses. Discover what makes these ladies dedicate so many attentions to them.

What makes female breasts so special

Undoubtedly, the female feature that calls the attention of a guy from the very first moment he sees a lady is her bust. This is true even though many assert that what calls their attention is the way a woman smiles or how she walks. Probably you have been caught more than once staring at the beautiful breasts of your highly attractive escort from EROS.

This situation has captivated the interest of many scientists and researchers. They have dedicated a great deal of efforts to study male psychology in order to understand why men feel so attracted to women with big breasts.

As intelligent escorts like those from http://www.eros.com/ will inform you, a scientific investigation made on Wellington University revealed that 80% of male glances are instinctively directed to the bust of women. Men did not only give their attention to breasts from the start, but they could not take their eyes from them.

Only human breasts develop to a certain size and maintain their appearance for many years. As evolutionary scientists point out, other hominids simply grow their mammals during lactation only. After breastfeeding period they return to their original size.

This fascination for breasts begins on puberty, and you will discover that there are good reasons for that. Your striking escort will tell you about a famous research published on prestigious medical journal related to hypertension. Such investigation revealed that individuals who observe large female breasts for at least 10 minutes every day increase their life expectancy for about four to six years. Scientists explained that this is due to the fact that this practice balances blood pressure and improves the performance of the circulatory system.

The seductive appearance of large breasts

A scientific research published on 2012 revealed seven DNA strains which determine breast size and which are transmitted from mother to daughter. This is the reason why some women then to be more favored in terms of physiology like your stunning favorite escorts.

And this is precisely the type of women that inevitably call the attention wherever they go. A couple of experiments made in New Zealand and France confirmed this fact by presenting the picture of the same lady with different breast sizes to a group of men. Only with a higher number on her bra tag she was able to receive more male attention.

There are many theories that explain this phenomena as your acquainted escort will tell you. For instance, the eco-genital theory indicates that, when men began to stand upright, female breasts became the center of attention. Prior to that, individuals used to look at the butt because it was in their line of vision.

However, as your magnificent escorts will explain you, when humans started to walk erect, female bust stood out. In any case, the truth is that large breasts can enchant and fascinate any man.

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