How important is the look in sex industry

Beauty seduces, fascinates, attracts and engages everyone without exception. However, this is a much more complex subject that it seems and much broader than we could imagine. For that reason, scientists from different fields have put their efforts into studies and analysis to understand better how the appearance influences society at different stages.

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The mechanism behind the subtle art of seduction

In the first place, it is believed that beauty has played a fundamental role in reproductive selection, helping people chose healthy and disease-free partners. However, researchers have found out that preferences are much more complex to unravel since they are linked to the way brain processes information.

Aesthetic preferences have common features that transcend cultural and historical aspects. That is the case of the fascination felt by men in the presence of a woman with large breasts. When a man observes an attractive lady his brain begins to create a whole stereotype of positive attributes around her.

Many things happen in the brain when an individual observes something beautiful. Studies suggest that such event illuminates a reward-related brain network. Many complex circuits of this type are the same that respond to sexual stimuli.

Therefore, when a man observes a dazzling woman, he instantly feels seduced by her showing a better predisposition towards her and everything that is somehow connected to her.

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How industry is influenced by beauty

A demographic census conducted in 1994 revealed that the most beautiful individuals earn about 6% more than the average. On the other hand, less attractive ones usually earn between 4% and 11% less. Similar further studies confirmed such results.

This might be due to the direct influence exerted by beauty. An attractive person is considered as more pleasant and reliable than those who are not perceived as good-looking.

Therefore, in sectors like sex industry, advertising and marketing, elegant and eye-catching people inspire greater confidence to close sales. Customers prefer to make deals with good-looking and attractive persons.

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